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May 2019

Join Suzanne Tucker Nov. 11th in Newport Beach

May 2019
May 2019

Join Filicia and Newell Turner with the Next Wave of Designers on October 18.


4151 Redwood Ave. Suite 405
Los Angeles, CA 90066
T: 310.306.8100 | F: 310.306.2800

the topics

Interior Design




Artisans in Design



Business of Design


Green Design

  • Designing with Antiques in Today's Interiors - Timothy Corrigan
  • Greening our Communities: Energy Savings through lighting and other energy controls - Gerald Olesker
  • Responsible Design - Timothy Corrigan
  • The Green in Green Building – green building techniques, processes of building and architectural planning that produce a profit - Gerald Olesker


  • City Functional, City Beautiful: The history of urban design - Doug Suisman
  • Interior Design & Architecture History - Thad Hayes
  • Post war architecture and Design (1945-1981) - Thad Hayes
  • Style Icons throughout History - Charlotte Moss
  • The Influence of Design on the Big Apple - New York Architecture in 60’s and 70’s - Thad Hayes
  • Women as Muse: History of Women in Design - Charlotte Moss


  • Inside Out: Garden as Interior - Charlotte Moss
  • Japanese Gardens - A Meditative Journey - Thad Hayes
  • Traditional Historical Landscapes: Venetian, French and Italian Gardens - Thad Hayes



Urban Design

  • Creating Cultural Districts: designing neighborhoods for the arts - Doug Suisman
  • Designing for Peace: The Arc Project for Palestine - Doug Suisman
  • Easy Living through Good Urban Planning - Doug Suisman
  • Elegant Corridors: Boulevards around the world - Doug Suisman
  • Good Urban Planning: Enriching Your Daily Experience - Doug Suisman
  • Great Cities: Los Angeles, New York, and Paris - Doug Suisman
  • How to Maneuver International Waters in Urban Planning - Doug Suisman
  • New Green Infrastructure: Walking, biking, transit, and renewable energy - Doug Suisman
  • Revitalizing Your City’s Infrastructure - Doug Suisman
  • The Best Public Space: Enhancing daily life in your streets, parks, and plazas - Doug Suisman